4 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid this Spring

4 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid this Spring carroll landscaping

There are a few common landscaping mistakes many homeowners make in spring that you should avoid

Landscaping is usually a huge undertaking, and some homeowners attempt to DIY their landscape. Although there are some DIY projects that you can take advantage of, landscaping is not always something you should do on your own. So, before you put on your gloves and get to work, there are a few common landscaping mistakes many homeowners make in spring that you should avoid. Keep reading to learn more.

Not Cleaning Your Yard

Cleaning the dead leaves and debris from your yard as spring rolls around is important. But many homeowners mistakenly overlook this task. Unfortunately, debris left in your yard can end up in plant beds and even invite pests and critters to build their homes on your property. You’ll likely find twigs and branches that have broken off from your trees over the winter and need to be picked up. To keep your property looking tidy and get it ready for spring landscaping, you want to be sure that you first spend some time cleaning your yard.

Lack of Planning

Whether you are planting a new garden bed, building a patio, or installing a walkway, it is critical to have a plan first before you break ground. Without a plan, it is easy to create landscaping that doesn’t make sense with the natural traffic patterns of your property. Without having a plan, how will you know that the pavers for your patio will flow adequately with the rest of the design? If you are planting trees or bushes, make sure that you’re accounting for the amount of space they will take up when fully grown and how they will affect traffic patterns at their full height. 

Choosing the Wrong Size Patio

While you want a patio that is consistent with your home, you should also consider exactly how you will use it. You don’t want a patio that is too small, but on the other hand, there should still be enough space for a garden, walkway, or other features. Whether you intend on growing grass or filling the area with a wide variety of plants and trees. Be sure to consider the size of your patio and how it interacts with your landscaping before beginning construction.

Not Hiring a Professional

Sometimes, homeowners really want to try their hands at DIY landscaping and think they can manage to do these tasks independently. But the longer you wait, the messier your yard gets, and the more booked-up the professionals in your area become. One key benefit of hiring a professional landscaping company is that they know what services are most important and how to do them correctly. If your yard needs some extra attention, contact the professionals at Carroll Landscaping today!

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