4 Considerations When Designing a New Deck

4 Considerations When Designing a New Deck carroll landscaping

When adding a deck to your house, you want to ensure it’s the right type for your needs.

For many homeowners, a deck is part of their dream home. When adding a deck to your house, you want to ensure it’s the right type of deck for your needs and that it visually suits the rest of your property. Your decking contractor can help you work out the details, but it’s a good idea to consider it beforehand. Here are a few key considerations when designing your new deck.

Where to Place Your Deck

The first consideration when planning a deck for your home is where to install the deck in your yard. For instance, some homeowners’ associations do not allow decks on the front of the house.

You should consider what part of your home you want the deck attached to and which area will look most appealing while satisfying any homeowner’s association guidelines.

In addition, keep in mind how you will access the deck and how many access points you want to have. Your builder will consider your needs and help you determine where a deck would work best structurally, according to guidelines, and according to what you want.

Consider Building Codes and Regulations

Before you start the project, look into the building codes and regulations in your local area to get an idea of whether you need a permit for your deck. Every city has slightly different rules, so check with your local municipality to ensure your bases are covered. Not only do you want to ensure your new deck is safe for you and your family, but a permit is necessary if you want to sell your home in the future.

What Materials to Use?

In addition to consulting building codes, it is up to your personal preference and maintenance abilities to determine what building materials are right for your deck. A composite deck may be the right choice if you want long-lasting materials that require almost zero maintenance. The experts at Carroll Landscaping can provide more information regarding the durability and quality of various deck materials.

Determine the Purpose of the Deck

Before you start constructing your outdoor deck, you should determine its purpose. Do you wish for a small, intimate deck with a view for watching the sunset? Or do you enjoy entertaining and want a large deck with plenty of seating options? Are you a fan of outdoor cooking? What about a hot tub? By considering all your options and narrowing them down, you will have a better idea of what materials you should use, where the deck should be placed, as well as the size and shape of the deck. Knowing your deck’s purpose will help your landscaping contractor design something functional and beautiful for your home.

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