4 Benefits of French Drain Installation

French Drain Installation Carroll Landscaping, Inc.

French drain installation is inconspicuous!

Do you have drainage issues? French drain installation could be the perfect solution! A french drain is a pipe in the ground that helps to get rid of excess water. This pipe has perforated holes that collect rainwater and transports it to places where water damage will not occur. If you are wondering if a french drain is a necessary investment, here are four benefits. 

Less Moisture

The most significant benefit of french drains is that they keep moisture from flooding your property. Because the pipe has a downward angle, it doesn’t lead water to higher areas such as your garage or home. You won’t have to worry about water distributing throughout your property or possible cracks in your foundation.

Increased Home Value

When you have the right drainage solutions, this is indeed a selling point. Any home improvement project prevents a future homeowner from needing to do a lot of work to maintain the home. Flooding is indeed a big issue! It’ll be super reassuring to a prospective homeowner that water pools won’t be a problem. 

French Drain Installation is Eco-Friendly

Our architects use a wide variety of materials that will enhance your landscape aesthetically. However, many of the materials they use are natural and environmentally-friendly. Also, a french drain helps to keep contaminated water from damaging your lawn. If you want a solution that can help you combat soil erosion, this is one of the best options. If you don’t want any toxic materials from coming towards your yard, you indeed want to invest in french drain installation. 

French Drains Are Inconspicuous 

When you think about a drainage system involving a pipe, you may be thinking of a bulky design that will be an eyesore. However, because french drains operate underground, they are typically unnoticed. We cover them with grass, permeable pavers, soil, and pebbles. They blend right into your beautiful landscape! We also determine if you have an adequate amount of grading on your property with an on-site evaluation. Not having the proper amount of grading also causes water pools. Dry river beds, in particular, have a significant impact on your landscape. They help with drainage issues as well as creating a visually interesting focal point.

Other Drainage Solution Options That Help Protect Against Soil Erosion 

We also offer other solutions for grading and drainage, including:

  • Grass Channel Swales
  • Dry Wells
  • Retaining Walls

If you’re looking for an excellent and ideal solution to tackle soil erosion and flooding, reach out to Carroll Landscaping, Inc. today! 

Interested in French Drain Installation? Consider Hardscape Design Services from Carroll Landscaping

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