4 Avoidable Landscape Design Mistakes

Avoidable Landscape Design Mistakes Carroll Landscaping

The best landscape design maximizes your plantings and hardscape features for a beautifully cohesive and functional landscape

Landscape design is never a one-size-fits-all ordeal. Every homeowner has different tastes. Each home is also unique, especially when it comes to the architecture and square footage. No landscape is ever going to look or operate the same. However, there is a common thread of mistakes that every homeowner can avoid. Let’s take a look at some landscape design mistakes that you don’t want to make. The great news is that they are avoidable when you hire Carroll Landscaping, Inc. 

Not Having a Cohesive Plan in Order

When you undervalue the power of planning and landscape design, you won’t get the most out of your outdoor living space. It would benefit any homeowner if they had a master plan in mind so that your outdoor space can function optimally but be aesthetically pleasing. The entire space should be cohesive versus you putting a random plant in one area because it’s sunny or just having a patio installed because there’s space for it. A well-designed landscape will optimize many elements such as space, position, accessibility, and viewpoints. 

Only Thinking About Aesthetics

Yes, everyone homeowner should want their outdoor living place to be undeniably stunning with the maximum curb appeal. However, some logistics or infrastructure components are a factor in your landscape design as well. For example, without a proper drainage and grading plan, your new landscaping can wash away in the first big storm or erode unnecessarily over time. Landscape lighting is another element to consider. While landscape lighting can be gorgeous and add so much ambiance to your outdoor living space, it also impacts safety. The proper lighting also increases your property’s value. 

Forgetting About the Interior to Exterior Vantage Points

We mean here that when you invest in landscape design, you also want to consider how your outdoor living space will look from the inside of your home. Inside/outside trends have become increasingly popular over the years. When you plant a garden, consider how it will look from the interior windows. 

Minimizing Your Plantings

Just because you have a paver patio in your outdoor living space doesn’t mean that you have to underplant your garden beds. The best gardens have texture, color, and form, regardless of if you implement hardscape features into your outdoor living space or not. You want your garden to look full of life because it can have a powerful presence and enhance the atmosphere as much as a paver patio, outdoor kitchen, or walkway. The point is that you never want to underwhelm your outdoor living space in any capacity. 

Whenever you’re ready to invest in the riveting landscape design ideas that we implement, give us a call. 

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