3 Steps to Create Foliage This Fall!

3 Steps to Create Foliage Carroll Landscaping

Foliage is a creative way to enhance a landscape that people often overlook

Foliage is a creative way to enhance a landscape that people often overlook. It adds impact to gardens and container plants with leaves in brilliant hues and unique textures and forms. It’s an understated and inexpensive way to cultivate a lovely and lush landscape. If you’re interested in creating foliage this fall, you can follow these three steps. If you’re not an experienced gardener and don’t have a knack for landscaping, you can also hire us. 

Create a Cohesive Color Story with Your Foliage 

Some plants’ foliage starts off being various shades of green. Then, as fall comes to a close, you may notice that the colors change. This color-changing event happens with trees and shrubs. However, it also happens to various perennials and geraniums that can go from green to bright red. Hostas can come in bright yellow and golden hues. Peonies can go from deep red to rich purple. 

In addition, some plants grow in bright colors immediately. You want to ensure that you know what color scheme you’d like your plants to have with this information in mind. If you’re not sure how to color your landscape, our landscaping experts can assist you in creating a cohesive color story with your foliage. 

Use a Variety of Plant Forms 

Color isn’t the only thing that’s impactful. Plants’ shapes and forms affect your landscape design as well and create visual interest. Go for plants with columnar shapes for a dynamic landscape. Cascading plants such as English Ivy also adds a lot of aesthetic appeal to a landscape. Rosemary, a low-growing evergreen shrub, is also a perennial that you might consider because it can withstand Maryland’s winters. It grows well in light, porous soil. If you choose to grow rosemary in a container pot, ensure that you don’t overwater it. 

As a rule of thumb for placement, keep tall, upright plants at the back of a garden border, or you can centralize them in an island garden (a garden that serves as a focal point in your landscape). Then, you’ll want to move medium-height plants forward and lower-growing plants to the front.

Play with Texture! 

If all of your plants were the same texture, this would prove to be a mundane landscape design. A mix of fine, medium, and coarse plant textures is sure to add curb appeal to your landscape. An example of a fine-textured plant is lavender, and Hostas is a coarse-textured plant. 

In short, an array of colors, shapes, and textures will take your landscape to the next level. If you’re unsure how to grow a beautiful landscape this fall, give Carroll landscaping a call! 

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