3 Signs That It’s Time For a New Walkway

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A new walkway can enhance your property like never before!

It could be time for a new walkway, especially if you’ve been in your home for quite some time. At Carroll Landscaping, Inc., we can help you beautify your yard with eye-capturing hardscape features. Your house deserves some attention every few years, if not more. If your walkway isn’t ideal or you desire to have one altogether, you can count on our landscaping professionals to bring curb appeal like never before to your home. Are you not sure if you need a new walkway? Here are three signs that you should think about it. 

Is Your Walkway Uneven? 

Walkways should last for quite a while, but wear-and-tear isn’t uncommon. If you’ve noticed any cracking, sinking, or your walkway being pushed up by the roots of large nearby trees, it’s time to give us a call. These factors (if they haven’t already) will make your walkway uneven and hazardous. Upgrading your walkway with pavers is an excellent way to give the pathways on your property a new lease on life. 

Is Flexible Sealant Filling No Longer Enough to Repair Your Walkway?

Flexible sealant filling, most times, is enough to fix small dents and cracks. However, if you’ve tried this several times but to no avail, it’s better to renovate your walkway to avoid the deterioration spreading. Sometimes, even with sealant filling, excessive pressure on a walkway can make the problem return. 

Are Your Pavers Shifting?

A well-built walkway is durable and can hold up to weather changes. However, if your walkway’s foundation was not built correctly in the first place, pavers can begin to shift (regardless of the material used to build your walkway). Shifting pavers is a hazard, and we don’t recommend that you replace the dirt under your pavers to stabilize them. It’s not a long-term solution whatsoever if your walkway didn’t have a durable or stable design in the first place. 


Usually, pavers are easy to replace. However, if your entire walkway is shifting, it’s time for a new walkway. For a long-lasting solution, call Carroll Landscaping, Inc. Home improvement comes at a cost. With that being the case, you deserve the best, most high-quality landscape, and hardscape features. You deserve to get what you’re paying for, and we’ll ensure that this happens. 

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