3 Reasons to Add Retaining Walls to Your Landscape

3 Reasons to Add Retaining Walls to Your Landscape carroll landscaping

Retaining walls are trendy among homeowners with slopes or elevated areas in their yards.

There are many ways to improve your landscaping. However, one upgrade that homeowners tend to overlook is a retaining wall. Retaining walls are trendy among homeowners with slopes or elevated areas in their yards. While you are free to level the sloped ground to have a flatter landscape, it is recommended to opt for the retaining wall instead. Why? Leveling your yard is an expensive and time-consuming project. On the other hand, retaining walls come with many benefits to your landscaping and property. Let’s go over some of the excellent benefits of retaining walls.

Retaining Walls Prevent Erosion

If you have already put a lot of time and investment into your lawn, whether that means fertilization and grass care or landscape planting, then retaining walls will help protect your investment. When properly installed, retaining walls can support the soil and reduce the speed that water travels on the surface, preventing erosion in the process. Redirecting water also prevents flooding that can damage your home and ruin the interior.

Retaining Walls Increase Property Value

Adding a retaining wall is a simple approach to raise your home’s value. If you’re installing a wall made out of natural materials, it will be easy to change or replace it when needed. They also improve the adaptability of the surrounding space. For instance, if you need to separate your garden and patio, you can do so with an elegant stone wall. Retaining walls that compliment your property and meet your needs, sloped areas will no longer stop you from making the most of your landscape design.

Retaining Walls Add Functional Space to Your Yard

In addition to aesthetic appeal, another reason to add retaining walls to your property is their functionality. Having sloped and uneven ground in your yard can be challenging to maintain and work around, which is why many homeowners use retaining walls to improve the function of their yard. For example, you can use a retaining wall as a privacy feature to roam your yard in peace without worrying about nosy neighbors. You can also use a retaining wall to turn the hills in your backyard into more useable land for planting flowers and trees.

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