3 Landscape Design Trends For 2018

Discover the latest trends in landscape design.

You shouldn’t let winter and inclement weather prevent you from planning your dream landscape design.  Right now is the perfect time to plan a landscape or hardscape project because it will be ready for a spring or summer installation date.  With Carroll Landscaping, you can make you new landscape feature as intricate or simple as you would like.  You should follow these landscape design trends that you are sure to see this year.

All Year-Around Spaces

Since the weather patterns in Maryland can sometimes be unpredictable, it is wise to create an outdoor space that you can use in a variety of conditions.  You shouldn’t let rain or snow stop you from enjoying all of your landscaping features.  You should think about investing in a pergola that you can relax under whether it is raining or scorching hot outside.  If you want to use your backyard in colder temperatures, you should install a fire pit or fireplace right o your patio.

Elaborate Outdoor Kitchens

A growing trend in landscape design is the installation of outdoor kitchens on properties around the countries.  Homeowners want to take cooking out of the kitchen and right into the backyard.  Outdoor kitchens have evolved from a simple grill and dinner table set; they are full-service dining experiences.  Many outdoor kitchens are now equipped with high-end appliances and LED lighting.  

Mixing of Materials

Landscape design is going away from a uniform look to an integration of several materials into one feature.  You will see patios and walkways with a few different stones and other natural materials.  Think about mix and matching materials to create your perfect deck or fence.

Leave Your Landscaping Needs To Carroll Landscaping

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