3 Fall Deck Maintenance Tips

Now that fall is officially here, follow these deck maintenance tips.

Summer has officially come to an end and now leaves seem to be falling all of your property making you perform seasonal home maintenance tasks.  One feature of your home you shouldn’t forget to care for during the fall is your backyard deck.  It is crucial that you clean and maintain your deck in the fall because you will have to take a break from any maintenance activities when winter gets here.  There a few deck maintenance tips you can follow this fall, so your backyard structure lasts for many years to come.

Trim Any Branches

No one wants a tree branch to fall on their deck because of heavy snow causing permanent and costly damage.  It is essential that your trim and cut all branches that directly above your deck or close to it.  All branches and other natural features such a bushes, need to be at least 12 inches away from a home deck to slow molding and rot.  So get out your clippers and start chopping at some trees!

Sweep It Up

The one activity that many homeowners dread to do when autumn comes around is raking up leaves.  When it comes to your deck, it an important activity because the weather’s still nice to enjoy your outdoor structure and no one wants to step constantly on leaves and pine needles.  So, every week or so, get out the rake and clean up all the leaves and debris on your deck.  Be aware of the small plant matter between your deck boards that can decay over time.

Keep It Clean

Regardless of the material your deck is made from, it is essential that you give it a proper cleaning during the fall season.  If you a have a wooden deck, make sure it is sealed correctly to ensure it is waterproof.  Sealing your wooden deck allows protects it from water damage and makes it last longer.  If you have a vinyl or composite deck, all you have to do is hose it down once every fall.  

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