3 Common Landscaping Problems and How to Fix Them

Retaining walls are one way to combat landscape erosion

Beautiful landscaping adds value to a home. An immaculate landscape not only enhances curb appeal but boosts homeowner morale. After long days at the job, you should be able to go home and feel at peace. You should also have a home environment that’s conducive to family bonding and gatherings with guests. Adequate landscaping helps achieve these goals because they create a warm and positive ambiance. Carroll Landscaping prides itself in making lovely landscapes come to life! Are you having landscaping problems? Your specific issue may be on this list! Keep reading and learn how to fix it.

Landscape Erosion

The top landscaping issue is erosion. One way to combat this is via the usage of a retaining wall because they keep soil in place. We install retaining walls that will not only help prevent landscape erosion but they add structure, style, and solidarity to your property. They also help combat water runoff and flooding as well. Other options are dry creek beds and layered plants.

Dead Plants and Grass

Did you know that some plants grow better in the shade while others retain their nutrients better in direct sunlight? Investing in a shade garden helps you put your plants where they need to be so they don’t perish. One of the best things that you can do is talk to one of the professionals here at Carroll Landscaping so that you can understand the microclimate of your yard. One corner of your landscape could be extremely dry while the other may be cool and damp.


Mushrooms and other fungi are an eyesore. When they pop up on your lawn, it takes more than just pulling them up to stop them from coming back. If this problem applies to you then you will need to assess drainage issues and remove any lumber or matter that may have decayed at the roots of your lawn. Other tips include rotating your existing mulching and refreshing it with a high quality bark mulch as well as aerating your landscape and disposing of grass clippings. It’s ideal to put grass clippings in a compost pile, especially if you love to recycle and have an environmentally conscious mindset.

Landscape Design Services from Carroll Landscaping

Carroll Landscaping has over 30 years of experience with landscape construction, porch construction, deck building, and hardscape installation. Our award-winning landscape designers are passionate about providing customers with top-notch service and landscape design. Our landscape designers have a creative design outlook and work as a team with our installation crews to make your vision a reality. We are committed to providing every customer with the highest quality workmanship, professional and knowledgeable service, and creativity in design in order to surpass our clients’ expectations in every aspect of the project.

We serve residents throughout the beautiful state of Maryland including Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Eldersburg, Clarksville, Sykesville, Manchester, Westminster, and Woodstock. For more information and to schedule a consultation with one of our expert designers, contact us online or give us a call at 410-922-2416.

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